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Contributed by various family members

Descendants of Isadore
Descendants of George Yale
Group portrait   Group portrait    
Children of Isadore,
and spouses.
Descendants of Isadore,
Thanksgiving, 1997.
Phil, Ed, and Gregory Phil, Ed, Simona Roseanne, Sue, Gregory
  Ed and Sue in Greece    
Phil, Ed, and Gregory
Phil, Ed, Simona,
Roseanne, Sue, Gregory
San Diego, Jan. 1997
Ed and Sue in Greece
April 1996
Deborah in Alaska   Deborah and Beny Deborah's wedding Rebecca, National Theater
Deborah in Alaska, July 1995 Deborah got engaged ... Deborah's wedding
Nov. 1999
Rebecca and friend
Fall 1996
Descendants of Alexander William
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Andrew Cherlin      
Descendants of Daniel
Brett Wasserberger Larry Wasserberger Janet Wasserberger
Ross Wasserberger Lauren Wasserberger
  Janet's children   Wasserberger Family   Wasserberger Family
Janet Wasserberger's Family
Janet's children Janet Wasserberger's Family
Fall 2002
Janet Wasserberger's Family
Fall 2003
Birth Record, 1911
Corrected Birth Certificate
Birth Record
Corrected Birth Certificate
Descendants of Martin
Martin's Children
Norma Martin
  Martin Portrait        
Martin's Children      


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