Maps: Eastern Europe


The Pale of Settlement
Click to View The Pale of Settlement, with a detailed index of cities Alexander Beider
Baltic Provinces

Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, parts of Poland, Belarus. 1915 Map, G. Pelletier (portions)
Modern Latvia World Atlas
Regions of Lithuania JewishGen (and eventually Litvaksig, under construction)
Part of a larger nineteenth century map Source
Lithuania Lithuania, pre-war Jewish settlements. From the LitvakSIG at
Kovno gubernia (Kaunas)
Raseinai, Kaunas Province Mapquest
Vilna Gubernia
Vilna Gub. The Vilna Guberniya 19c map, source unknown
Vilna Ghetto, 1941
Disna area The region near Disna, with Postavi, Plisa, Drissa (Verknjadzvinsk), Druya.
Vilna lies to the west.
Disna area Shtetls near Disna (traditional names) Data from Where Once We Walked
Provinces of the Pale of Settlement, around modern Belarus 19c. map, unknown source
Brest Region, SW Belarus, with a list of cities and other interesting information including name changes.
Capital Brest, the former Brest-Litovsk.
Pawlo Korol's website
Click to View Click to View Location of Dawidgrodek, now in Belarus, near the Ukrainian border, near Pinsk. Mapquest
Click to View Poland, 1921-1929, with administrative districts Polish Genealogical Society of America
Click to View Poland, German-speaking towns From the Kobusz genealogical site, full map here
Poland Historical Poland
Includes the Lomzha district
(via Stew Cherlin)
NW of Warsaw Modern Poland, near Czerwin, with Goworowo marked Mapquest
Click to View Galicia, southern Poland, formerly Austria-Hungary.
The Reiss Family.
Roman Zakharii map page
(Ukraine, Galicia)
Milowka Map Milówka, Galicia, southern Poland, formerly Austria-Hungary.
Birthplace of Sarah Bockenek .
xeroxed from a book, source unknown
Warsaw Region
NW of Warsaw Modern Poland, NW of Warsaw, centered on Sierpc Mapquest

Modern Poland, North of Warsaw, centered on Maków Mazowiecki Google Maps
NW of Warsaw Modern Poland, near Zuromin, with Zielun marked Mapquest
Nowogrodek Region
Nowogrodek Location of Nowogrodek (Navahrudak) Mapquest
Mariopol Location of Kremenets Mapquest
Mariopol Grigorevka Area Mapquest
Mariopol Location of Mariopol (Mariupol) Mapquest
Nadezhnaya Nadezhnaya Location of Nadezhnaya Colony
(regional and local)
Rostov na Donu Location of Rostov na Donu TravelPost

More Historical maps for Lithuania and Poland David Zincavage
Shtetl Finder JewishGen
Mapquest Poland

Ukraine   Belarus
Note: Historical Eastern Poland
is in modern Belarus, Ukraine


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