Chirlin Family: Samuel

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Marriage License announcement

Father: Morris Chirlin (or Cherlin)

Mother: Ida Leventhal Chirlin (or Cherlin)

Spouse: Edith (Ida) Farbman Cherlin


SS-5: Application for Social Security Account Number

Number: 068-03-9250
Name given to employer: Samuel Chirlin
Mailing Address: 310 E. 93rd St., Brooklyn NY
Employer address: Shapiro + Sons, 265 W 37th St.
Age on last birthday: 29
Date of birth: 4-8-07
Place of birth: Manhattan
Father's full name: Morris Chirlin
Mother's full maiden name: Ida Leventhal
Sex: Male
Color: White
Date: Dec. 1, 1936
Signature: Samuel Chirlin

Biographical information:

Born in Manhattan, April 8, 1907 (SS application) or April 6 according to Social Security.
Living in Brooklyn at 597 Amboy St. in 1940, with mother at 594.
Died in West Palm Beach, FL in May, 1976.
Listed as Samuel Cherlin by Social Security Death Index, and in the 1940 U.S. Census.

Married in Brooklyn, Jan. 5, 1930. Name given as Sam
Source: NYC Grooms Index Wife's name listed as Ida in the announcement of the marriage license. (Brooklyn NY Union Standard). (via Stew Cherlin)

Samuel's brother Charles applied for his social security number two weeks after Samuel, and used the spelling "Cherlin" on his form. At immigration, Ida and Isidor used "Cirlin"

"Chirlin" is the spelling used by the Druje line in the U.S. as well. According to Paul Chirlin, that is an unrelated line.

SS-5 from a collection by Gregory Cherlin. For information on Samuel's wife and descendants we rely on a family tree put together by Stanley Blum and Louise Ann Cotner, discovered by Stew Cherlin on

From the 1910 census:

1940 Census:

Name Relationship Sex Color/race Age Married? School since
March 1, 1940?
Highest Grade Birthplace Citizenship? Residence
April 1, 1935
At work (non-emergency)?
March 24-30
WPA etc.?March 24-30 Seeking work? Job, business? Housework, School, Unable, Other? Hours worked
March 24-30, 1940
Unemployment (weeks)
to March 30, 1940
Occupation Industry Class Weeks worked
Income 1939 Manual?

Census Form

Census Data: Stew Cherlin

Family tree given by Stanley Blum and Ann Cotner, communicated to us by Stew Cherlin, 2000
Further information from Sam Haimm, 2017 Stew Cherlin

2000; 2017