Chervin Family of Argentina: Leon Chervin

Father: Isaac Chervin

Mother: Elena Jacobson Chervin

Spouse: Rebeca Gurevich Chervin



Biographical information:

Leon was a butcher. Immigrated to Argentina with Bernardo after the death of Elena, to Colonia Dora in the province of Entre Rios, the Chaco region, and married there. Called himself a "Jewish cowboy". Brought over by Baron Hirsch. See Gabriel Braunstein's discussion of the Jewish immigration to < href=""> Entre Rios, including a table of the major Jewish colonies in Argentina. Baron Hirsch's colonizaton started up in 1905 by that table.

Family tradition suggests origins in the Ukraine or Rumania. A very plausible origin would be the agricultural colonies of the southern Ukraine, set up specifically for Jewish colonization after 1846.

Source: Great-grandson Ezequiel Chervin, and Diana Chervin de Lew, via her son Adrian.

See also the Ukrainian Line (Source: Pavel Bernshtam).

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