Chirlin Family - Harry (Hershel)

Father: Israel Chirlin

Mother: Sarah Singer Chirlin

Spouse: Freda (Freide, Frieda) Frumka Bartz Chirlin

Biographical information:

Born in a suburb of Drissa (now Verchnjadzvinsk, Bielorussia) near Druje (Druja), in 1885, on the Dvno River in the Vilna guberniya of the Pale of Settlement, as was his wife, Freda Bartz (daughter of Mordecai Bartz and Mikla Koiden).

Came to the U.S. in 1906. Several siblings also, about the same time. The name was originally something like Tsirlin and was recorded on the ship's manifest as Zirlin.

He was a painter.

Sources: family reports and the documents listed below.

Stew Cherlin found three documents.

U. S. Census, 1930: Age 45, occupation house painter, address 164 Butler Ave., Buffalo NY. All children listed, with Rachel as Rae and with wife Freda as Freide.

Ellis Island Immigration Record: SS Smolensk, From Libau to New York, arriving September 14/15, 1906.

Line 3: Hirsch Zirlin, aged 23 (this appears to be wrong), married, shoe-maker, literate, Druje. Going to a cousin, Mr. L. Lussin, 70 Humboldt St., Brooklyn, NY

U.S. Census, 1940, via

1940 Census:

Name Relationship Sex Color/race Age Married? School since
March 1, 1940?
Highest Grade Birthplace Citizenship? Residence
April 1, 1935
At work (non-emergency)?
March 24-30
WPA etc.?March 24-30 Seeking work? Job, business? Housework, School, Unable, Other? Hours worked
March 24-30, 1940
Unemployment (weeks)
to March 30, 1940
Occupation Industry Class Weeks worked
Income 1939 Manual?

Census Form

We have the SS-5 application for a Harry Chirlin born in 1885 with father Israel.

SS-5: Application for Social Security Account Number


Number: 122-18-5928
Name given to employer: Harry Chirlin
Mailing Address: 89 Donaldson Rd.? Buffalo New York
Age on last birthday: 57
Date of birth: 3-10-85 (M/D/Y)
Place of birth: Russia
Father's full name: Israel Chirlin
Mother's full name before marriage: Sarah Singer
Sex: Male
Color: White
Employment: None
Date: 10-16-42
Signature: Harry Chirlin

April 2003