Chaim Cerwin (Czerwin)

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Father: Meier Czerwin

Mother: Chalka Pesya

Spouse: no information


Biographical Data:

Born ca. 1893, Smorgon.

Known from his Ellis Island immigration record (Stew Cherlin). Ellis Island immigration records, p. 628, line 10. From Hamburg on the Pretoria, June 7, 1912.

Surname given as Cerwin, father's surname as Czerwin.

Passenger Record Text Manifest Scanned Manifest

Surname Given
Age Sex Marital
Profession Nation Ethnicity Residence Destination Previous visit European Relative Host
Cerwin Chaim 19 m s Tailor Russia Hebrew Smorgon Brooklyn no father Meier Czerwin
Uncle Max Kohn
no addr. Brooklyn, NY

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