The Chirlin family: Drissa Line, California Line, and Others

The Russian name is Tsyrlin or Tsirlin (the first spelling seems to correspond best to the original Russian).

A search on this family name some years ago gave the following (we have added a few additional entries in 2005 to clarify some relationships).

United States
MN NH NJ NY OH PA SC (unknown)
Eastern Europe
Russia, Belarus


Barbara Chirlin N 32nd Ln, Phoenix; Glendale  
Basha Chirlin Phoenix Probably the same as the preceding
Samuel Chirlin
Druje Line
Born NY. Iss.: CA. Died LA county Sep. 10, 1909 - Jan 16, 1970. 558-38-5381
Barnet Chirlin Father of Max  
David S. Chirlin Los Angeles, CA May 26, 1916 - June 2004. 621-96-8013
Max and Goldie Eva Seiden Chirlin Iss.: NY. Woodman Ave., Arleta;
Sacramento; Final: Pacoima, Los Angeles
February 3, 1910 - June 21, 1993. 069-10-8962
Judge Judith C. Chirlin Azusa; Washington DC; Los Angeles Sup. Ct. LA County Courthouse 34
(213) 974-5643
Diane Chirlin Levine and Stanley Levine Arleta CA Two children
Shura and Marina Chirlin Los Angeles From Russia
Rose Chirlin Died in LA County Ca. 1916 - April 15, 1962 aged 65.
Selma Laub Chirlin Iss.: NY. Final: Artesia, Los Angeles July 2, 1913 - Sep. 1987. 129-12-7163
Richard P. & Teresa Brown Chirlin Fairfield; Westport,CT 06880-2626; Smith St. Marblehead 01945  
Sydney R. Chirlin Esq., Attorney and Bonnie L. Chirlin Wilmington; Hockessin Greater Wilmington Airport Taxiways
Edward Isaac Chirlin
Druje Line
Flushing; Granada Dr., Coconut Creek; Pompano Beach, FL 33066-1152  
Robert E. Chirlin Miami, FL  
Robert I. Chirlin Margate, FL  
Sylvia Chirlin Iss. NY. Miami Beach, FL 33139. July 13, 1893 - Nov. 1981. 097-10-3159
Samuel Chirlin Portofino Isle, Coconut Creek FL 33066 Same as the one from NY?
Samuel Chirlin NW 61st Ave, Tamarac,FL 33319 Same as the one from NY?
Esther Chirlin Sayreville NY 11782
Pompano Beach,FL 33068
March 17, 1908 - July 3 1994
Evelyn Chirlin Atlantic City; Sunny Isles Beach, FL 33160  
Blossom S. Chirlin Tamarac FL; Fort Lauderdale, FL; Pompano Beach  
Bernard & Lillian Chirlin Tamarac; Fort Lauderdale, FL 33321-1859 Also Brooklyn?
Robert L. Chirlin Fort Lauderdale, FL; Pompano Beach  
Paul M. Chirlian
(Occasionally misspelled as Chirlin)
University of New Orleans (Engineering)  
Gary Richard & Kristine Johnson Chirlin
Druje Line
MIT, Princeton
Bethayres Rd. Derwood, MD 20855; Rockville MD
Robert Frederick and Patricia A. Moser Chirlin
Druje Line
West Newton; Water St. Haverhill MA 01830; Newburyport 01950-1867; Tonawanda NY Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Hampshire; worked in Maryland
Christy & C. Chirlin Minneapolis,MN 55407-3550  
New Hampshire
Alexis C. Chirlin Youtz Ave., Akron 44301; Cleveland; Euclid  
David Chirlin Nashua NH; Cleveland; Akron OH  
Mary Kathryn Chirlin Bedford, MA; Cuyahoga Falls; Nashua NH  
New Jersey
Bernard Chirlin Boardwalk, Atlantic City, NJ 08401; Cherry Hill Dec. 8, 1918 - March 1980. SS# 184-01-6598.
Last benefit Atlantic City. Issued PA
Jack A. & Zena P. Chirlin Atlantic City, NJ 08401-6202
Cherry Hill NJ
Bocaire Blvd., Boca Raton
Pompano Beach;
L. Chirlin Weston Ct, Marlboro NJ 07746  
Gail Herko Chirlin Matawan NJ; Brooklyn  
Robert M. Chirlin Matawan NJ  
Samuel Chirlin 95 Hammond Ave. (in 1930), Passaic. April 8, 1881 - July 1969. 137-22-1210
Sarah Chirlin Passaic Born ca. 1886.
Charles Chirlin Passaic March 8, 1908 - June 1975. 157-10-8083
Morris Chirlin Passaic May 10, 1910 - April 1992. 141-12-3171
Irving Chirlin Passaic May 15, 1911 - Aug. 1980. 135-18-6117
William Chirlin Brook Ave., Passaic,NJ 07055-3313 Oct 5, 1921 - June 5, 1991. 154-16-4878
Lewis S. Chirlin Passaic  
Nancy G. Mandelbaum Chirlin Passaic  
Lewis Chirlin
Nutley, NJ 973-235-9350
Same as Lewis S.?
Franklin Central Communications.
New York
Max Chirlin 100 E. 106th St.,, NYC (Lodger) b. ca. 1876, Russia
1940 Census
Herman Chirlin Bronx, NY b. ca. 1890
1940 Census
Mollie Chirlin Bronx, NY b. ca. 1893
1940 Census
Paul Chirlin Bronx, NY b. ca. 1919
1940 Census
Sylvia Chirlin Bronx, NY b. ca. 1925
1940 Census
Morris Chirlin Norwich 11/11/1904-9/1983 SS# 076-07-3720
Helen Chirlin Wife of Morris Dec. 27, 1910 - Oct 1988. 087-20-6715
Donald D. Chirlin Albany; King Settlement Rd., Norwich, NY 13815 Wife Sara May (Sally) Child Chirlin
John D. Chirlin N. Main Ave., Albany,NY 12203; Norwich Environmental Scientist
Christine M. Chirlin Norwich NY; Minneapolis  
Irving Chirlin NY. Pompano Beach,FL 33066-1152 Nov. 7, 1903 - March 1988. 050-09-9193
Estelle Chirlin Brooklyn Born ca. 1908
Paul & Libby Chirlin Brooklyn; Manassas Cir., Orlando,FL 32821-8609 SS# 123-16-7681
Gilbert B. Chirlin (Buddy Gilbert) Iss.: NY. Pompano Beach; Tamarac; Fort Lauderdale FL; Coral Springs;
Final: Woodland Hills, Los Angeles
Aug. 31, 1931 - Nov. 19, 2000. 094-24-4819
Linda Brooklyn Born ca. 1940
Samuel Chirlin
Minsk Line
Parents Morris Cherlin/Chirlin and Ida Leventhal Cherlin/Chirlin
310 E. 93rd St, Brooklyn, NY
Florida, West Palm Beach
April 6, 1907 - May 1976 SS# 068-03-9250
In spite of the spelling variation, Samuel and Charles were brothers
Charles Cherlin or Chirlin
and Bertha Cherlin or Chirlin
Minsk Line
842 Saratoga Ave., Brooklyn, NY
8573 Casa Del Lago, Boca Raton, FL
Charles was born 2 Jan 1911, died 21 Sep 1998. SSN 109-03-0141
Bertha was born October 15, 1914 and died February 26, 2002. SSN 058-40-2753 (issued 1964).
Ida Chirlin West Palm Beach Sep. 25, 1895 - Aug. 1979. SS# 265-41-7044. Issued FL
Joseph Hyman Chirlin
Druje Line
NY. Last: Buffalo, Erie. 14223; Lawton OK? April 27, 1923- Oct 1978. SS# 106-14-2643
Dan Chirlin
Druje Line
Eddy St., Ithaca  
Hyman Chirlin 254 E. 174th St., N.Y.C. NY September 22, 1888 - November 1968.
(SSDI gives 9/25/1888.) Draft card gives December 23, 1888.
Marjorie Chirlin Flushing; Pompano Beach  
Edward Chirlin Flushing Also listed above
Jean Chirlin Brooklyn 11204 Jan 1, 1909 - July 1974. 050-03-2747
Howard J. Chirlin Astoria; Huntington Station; W. 3rd St. Brooklyn, NY 11223-1549  
Joseph L. Chirlin Brooklyn 11212; Coral Springs, Pompano Beach, Tamarac Fort Lauderdale April 30, 1907 - Sep 1970. 127-28-1234
Kim D. Chirlin Lawton OK  
Clark and Lynne R. Chirlin Blydenburg Rd., Centereach, NY 11720-4315; E. Rockaway; Flushing  
Autumn J. Chirlin Centereach, NY 11720-4315  
Debbie Chirlin Romaine Dr., Cincinnati 45209  
R. A. Chirlin Castleford Ln, Cincinnati 45242  
Paul Jerome and Elaine Snitzer Chirlin
Druje Line
S. Mason Montgomery Rd., Mason OH 45040; Cincinnati  
Esther Chirlin Philadelphia PA Oct 15, 1900 - May 1975. SS# 182-01-9649
Jacob Cherlin or Chirlin 5221 Columbia St., Philadelphia PA Born 1888. Source: 1930 Census.
The "Chirlin" spelling is not attested for him, but his wife Ida used it.
Larry E. Chirlin Philadelphia, PA; Narberth PA.  
Myer Chirlin 5635 Berks Street, Philadelphia, Penna. January 15, 1891 (1890:SSDI) - October 1962. 183-10-9520
Ida Cherlin or Chirlin Media, Delaware County, PA 19063 Born 15 July 1891, Died July 1972. SSN 179-36-5841.
Source: death index.
Ida Cherlin or Chirlin
Same as above, with different information.
5221 Columbia St., Philadelphia PA Born July 10, 1892 in Russia. SSN 179-36-5841
Source: social security card application and 1930 Census
Esther Mollie Shore Chirlin 866 N. 6th St. Philadelphia PA Born October 15, 1908 (incorrect [1900] on SSDI);
Died in May 1975.
Husband not identified.
Samuel Harry Walter Chirlin
Father Morris
346 E. Chelten Ave., Phila, PA; Fort Lauderdale May 30, 1922 - March 9, 1994. 178-18-4748
Doris Chirlin Philadelphia  
Sydney R. Chirlin   March 31, 1948 - July 31, 1989. 175-36-9321
Larry S. & Susan D. Chirlin Elkins Park, PA 19027-2730 Larry S = Larry E?
South Carolina
Paul Chirlin NY. Columbia, SC; Hackensack NJ Feb 10, 1926 - Oct 26, 1996. 125-12-1868
Washington, DC
Ronald (Ron) S. Chirlin
Immigration and Naturalization Service
B. Philadelphia, d. 39th St. NW, Washington, DC 20016-3764 (202) 616-7445 Jan 31, 1947-April 12, 1998. 166-39-1165
Wife Janet W. Chirlin Washington, DC  
Children: Elsbeth and Benjamin Washington, DC April 25, 1983 and June 19, 1989
U.S., Region Unknown
Elsbeth and Sonia students   (National History Day 1997)
Russia, Belarus
Edit Yankelevich Chirlin Brestskaia Partisan, Belarus, WWII
Neukh Chirlin Mogilev, married 1878 Belarus Marriages Database
Itska Girsha (Itzko Girsh) Chirlin Bobruisk 1907 Duma List
Oleg Chirlin   Soviet Union, Webmaster on Fidonet

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